15 November 2007

Peru By Canoe

A photo from my recent stay in South America. I am the chap in the hat on the right. I am accompanied by Donald, a member of the secretive Mashco-Piro tribe. Here I am pushing hard through a tributary of the Amazon wearing a two-button, single-breasted khaki linen sports jacket from Pakeman Catto & Carter. The jacket features an outside ticket pocket, centre vent, and mother-of-pearl buttons. I am pairing it here with a khaki bush shirt from F.M. Allen, khaki moleskin trousers from Orvis, and ankle boots from the Courteney Boot Company. The sun hat is courtesy of Grass Court. The Amazon expedition, I can report, was a smashing success. We braved heat, humidity, aggressive insects, downpours, piranas, freshwater stingrays, caimans, and floods. The gravest danger we faced, however, was an interruption in the supply of Earl Grey tea.

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