04 March 2008


It's time to break out the reds. No, I am not referring to the bottles of claret in your wine cellar. I am talking about Nantucket reds. Originating in the island of Nantucket off the coast of Massachusetts, where Nantucket reds were first sold to vacationing families, reds have been a summer staple on the East Coast for generations. Legend has it they were based on the trousers worn by members of the New York Yacht Club. However, as is my wont, I like to imagine reds were influenced by the uniform of Lord Cardigan's 11th Hussars, although that distinction probably lies with the red moleskin and denim trousers worn by off-duty Guards officers in London.

Reds consist of a red canvas that fades to pink in the sun over time. Variations include Breton reds and other cherry-red cotton trousers offered by several merchants; however, strictly-speaking, these should not be referred to as Nantucket reds. Reds are a great accompaniment to a plain white polo or blue OCBD, a pair of boat shoes or tan loafers, and a surcingle belt. A navy blazer, or, if you are especially daring, a madras sport coat, can also be worn. Reds look particularly smashing when paired with a pair of Persols, a Gordon's and tonic, and a 53' Luke Brothers classic sloop.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to the Reds! I actually broke mine out for a Christmas party this year...it's a stretch, but it was too warm to wear cords. They go well with just about anything Summerish , and if someone says otherwise, tell them to get fucked, and then hand them a Julip.


JJ said...

Great photo, Trad. I love navy blazers and can wear one every day without getting tired of it.

Everything on these two fellows fits wonderfully, including the red trousers.

Richard said...

LBT, Love reds! I have a pair and I wear them a lot during the summer. I usually wear them with a navy blazer and club tie, or white or navy polo shirt. I order mine from Murray's the official Nantucket Red supplier. Ben Silver also had a nice intrepretation last summer.

Michael Rowe said...

Am I mistaken, or is this not a photo from an issue of M magazine? I've been trying to locate back issues on Ebay (like most of the magazine's fans, I passionately regret letting the collection go.) If it IS from M, could you let me know the issue and year?

Loving your blog, btw, and agree about the Reds!