01 October 2008

The Chronicles of Argyle

The day is late and the storm clouds gather, but it is imperative we persist in style. This is no time to lower standards.

In these cooler days, break out the corduroy, flannel, and tweed. The autumn clime begs for muted colours: brown, chestnut, red, orange, hunter green, burgundy. Tweed in a tan or chestnut hue is a favourite. Last week I attended a dinner with local investors, where the topic of conversation was the economy. I wore a Brooks Brothers brown herringbone tweed jacket in a 3/2 roll, medium grey flannels, and Alden chestnut tassel loafers. The subtle charm of my attire helped moderate the effects of my harsh prescriptions, I'm sure.

If the range of options seems dull or limited, one can always add a pinch of colour to one's choice of accessories. My favourite in this regard is argyle hosiery. In fact I recently took delivery of a package of argyle socks from Marcoliani in lime green, pink, lavender, and cherry. Argyle socks are a staple of prep, YF, and Ivy wardrobes and require minimal explanation here. Suffice to say they are a superb way to break up the visual monotony.

This autumn, fill the unforgiving gap between trouser cuff and brogue with several inches' worth of colourful argyle hosiery. Beneath the corduroy and tweed, there no doubt lurks the heart of a true rebel.


Anonymous said...

Crikey! I want those socks. What brand are they?

Jessica said...

You are a fabulous writer. I loved reading that. *le sigh*

Easy and Elegant Life said...

You will be very happy with the Marcoliani's. I ordered several pair earlier in the year and won't go back to Pantherellas.

Socks, braces and suit coat linings.... vive la revolution!