03 April 2009

Old School Ties I


anonymous english female said...

Good that you're back! So, re: the ties, where and when and what? I'm sure where the Admiral is concerned there has to be a few stories attached to these items...

ps - i thought of you the other day, i was walking through Thurloe Square on my way to Christies South Kensington.

Anonymous said...

As a semanticist, I was intrigued by the phrase "old school ties". It could mean:

a. Neckties characteristic or evocative of a traditional,
earlier or original style, manner, or form.

b. Neckties from one's alma mater.

c. Old neckties associated with some particular school.

d. (Emotional) attachments that one feels towwards one's alma mater.

Any other readings?

Anonymous said...

looks like a brooks brothers rep tie and an RL polo print. I would wear them

Keith said...

These are great. This is my first time visiting your blog. I really like it.