15 September 2010

Oxxford for F.R. Tripler & Co.

Herringbone or codbone, the pattern in this grey wool suit is appropriate for all but the stuffiest situations. This is an Oxxford number I picked up about twenty years ago from F.R. Tripler & Co., a well-known men's store in Manhattan now extinct. For many years it was one of my workhorse suits, especially in the colder months, during the university work placement, or 'internship,' circuit, and for holiday season cocktail receptions. The jacket sports a darted two-button front, while the cuffless trousers are pleated and feature an adjustable waistband mechanism. Can you feel it? I certainly can. Oxxford goes beyond the typical items at Ivy League shops and represents the American take on classic Anglo-style.


The Lost One. said...

Oxxford...there's a name largely forgotten by the collective sartorial imagination.

Great suit.

Love the adjustable waist on the trousers. Very euro. Very M42.

Belle de Ville said...

Nice detail on the trousers. And, I'm impressed that you can still fit your suits from 20 years ago...Then again, most of the men I know are still the same size as they were at 20 years old. Lucky dogs.

A.E.F. said...

Admiral, I greatly admire herringbone, it was a favourite of my grandfather. To my mind it evinces a level of style and sophistication that as you quite rightly point out is missing in so much of what is generally classified as'Ivy League'clothing.

Reggie Darling said...

Tripler was the only store I remember being thrown out of. I went in there as a college undergraduate, looking to buy a set of tails, and the salesman I asked about it looked me over coldly and said I'd better skedattle, as I couldn't afford such a place. And he was right. Even so, it gave me some pleasure when they gave up the ghost.