15 November 2010

Young Fogey: A.N. Wilson


James said...

I don't care what anyone say, I like his look.

Hilton said...

I was in search of his biography of Betjeman a few days ago. Several book written by Mr. Wilson are on my bookshelf.

I read that he has recently had a rediscovery of faith and is now critical of the atheist position.

A.E.F. said...

Admiral, I like the way he's dressed. Somewhat rus in urbe with a degree in art history.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. I'm learning.

Re the pic: I sure hate aging. Where are the magical DNA curatives?

Other: I'd enjoy seeing close ups of the fabric if it has a pattern worthy of the effort. Perhaps other patrons would, too?

Thanks again.

john lexington said...

very british, i like the look.

A Super Dilettante said...

One thing that signifies A. N. Wilson for me is his voice more than his clothes. One of the main things that set the young fogeys set apart from the rest is not only the clothes they wear but also the fact that they usually come from educated background. While I was listening to his essay on the Russian novelist, Tolstoy on the BBC radio 3 last night, his voice is incredibly mellow, absolutely clear and undeniably cultivated voice. You won't hear a sloane ranger speaks like A.N. Wilson.

He is a wonderful storyteller. He manages to both charm and enthuse at the same time. Above all, his voice is the voice of Oxbridge educated man from bygone era. It's magisterial, gripping, eloquent and his diction is crisp, clear and lacking grammatical mistakes.