12 March 2013

The Official Formerly Preppy Handbook


La Sombra Sofisticada said...


Anonymous said...

The snow is gently falling now and I am sadly dreaming,
Of times of old and happy days gone by;
Of Christmas cheers, songs of the past,
When Irish reels were ringin' around the kitchen table all the night.
May those days never trickle from your mind.

Love it fills the air so full, as children's faces glisten,
While old friends sing us tales about the sea,
Of wives at home with hands embraced, waiting for men's returning,
With eyes arced from the wild and stormy seas.
May those days never trickle from your mind.

Everyone is happy now with drinkin' songs and dancing,
While Danny sings a song of old and new;
My father tells a tale of ships, my mother sings of Ireland,
And I pipe up a reel which stirs the room.

My sister plays a merry tune, and Kevin beats the bodhran,
It airs a Celtic soul sound thoughout the room;
My nanny sits and listens while drinkin hot-totties,
And thinking back on days I never knew.
May those days never trickle from your mind.

The wind is blowing harder now and people must be leavin',
To get back to their homes around the shore;
We wish them all good night, God bless, a quick and safe returning,
To nice warm beds and children's waiting arms.
May those days never trickle from your mind,
May those days never trickle.... from your mind.