24 July 2013

On Manliness

The two of us sat under the thorn trees getting to know each other.

"I'm attracted to you," she said between mouthfuls of spicy shrimp ceviche, "because you're manly, you're masculine. You're different."

I nodded at her, careful not to get any avocado on my Lacoste polo shirt. This is something I have heard many times before, most recently from my ex-wife and ex-girlfriend.

"Do go on."

"I love it that you're so politically incorrect, and you just say and do what you want," she continued, her huge Latin eyes looking into mine. "Most men here are weak and effeminate, with their skinny jeans and hair product. They're so...fruity."

I laughed. I knew exactly what she meant. In fact I have heard the same thing from other young women in recent years.

If you spend any time wining and dining the ladies, as I do, you will know that they find modern men mostly inadequate. They sense there is something missing--but they cannot define it. When pressed they will explain that men are not aggressive enough, not as strong or as dominant as they would like them to be. Certainly, as you know, I have long noted the softness--in body and mind--of my contemporaries. It is one reason I have set myself apart. Because of this phenomenon I have recently mistakenly assumed several straight male acquaintances to be hippies. And I have observed it in other parts of this country, not just Southern California.

What the deuce is going on here?

There may be an explanation. A recent study from the University of Lausanne has demonstrated that women taking the contraceptive pill prefer men with less masculine traits. If true, the implications are enormous. Could it be that for the last few decades the West has been producing men who are less manly than preceding generations? Are the metrosexual, hipster, and pantywaist the products of a sinister breeding project designed to pussify our civilisation?

It would explain a lot.

In addition to my beautiful Mexican lunch-time companion, with whom I plan on taking things a step further, at the moment I am generously tutoring a young Russian hottie who has appealed to me for assistance in understanding the peculiarities of American men.

Their loss, I suppose, is my gain.


Anonymous said...

Watch out. Russian women are into Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Is the Russian hottie an "engineer" named Marina?

matthew mueller said...

Ha! I am sure you will recall my comment on one of your earlier posts recounting my own experience with a Russian widow. What a great experience that was. She was so obsessed with designer labels and luxury treatment, but was totally submissive in bed. That contrast really did strike me as somewhat curious. For example, she would not get out of the car unless I opened the door for her, and would sit with a cigarette in her mouth for several minutes, waiting for me to light it for her. She was very much a queen, insisting on royal treatment. But in bed everything changed; my imagination was the limit. She also fancied herself the "princess." I remember this because one time in bed I went ahead and referred to her by name as "princess." Unfortunately, this caused her to cry because that is what her deceased (Russian) husband used to call her.

Anyway, this post is also interesting. It is indeed odd -- three or four generations ago, these hipsters were considered rebels and radicals. Then the trend caught on and this sense of style became the norm. Now today it is people like myself, who dress "professionally" and speak intelligently and boldly, that are considered the real rebels.

I have also heard this said to me by women -- that I am so much different from other people my age. In fact, my last girlfriend used to call me "the old man," by which she meant that my tastes and interests were so unusual for someone my age.

I am not sure I am ready to speculate on the source of all this .... but I am inclined to attribute it to the pop-culture/TV/technology phenomenon that is sweeping the world. Nobody seriously reads and silently reflects anymore. People walk around with headphones in their ears and their iphones out. I shun all of that stuff. I don't have a tv, modern phone, video games, or any of that stuff. I only keep a computer because it enables me to buy books on Amazon (and allows me to visit this blog).

Paxton said...

Cheers Admiral...I enjoy it when you share posts like these.

Anonymous said...

I have been on your blog on and off for years...but over the last few days I really discovered it. I must have read all your blogs back to 2011. Great stuff. I love your attitude. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

I noticed the strange mannerisms of men when my husband and I moved from our southern state to California. I thought every guy must be gay. I've since learned that's just the way they are in Cali. When we go "home" to visit, the man are just like I remember them: a guy's guy.

Anonymous said...

Similar experience as matthew m., but with a 30 something Ruskie cougar. Designer labels, lite my smoke, perpetually wearer of a Fila tracksuit, drink like a sailor...but HOT AS HELL and totally wanted to be dominated sexually. Also, unabashed in public and loved shoving her hands down my pants in restaurants, etc. By and large the anti-wasp. Good for a good time and a throw away eventually, but nothing too serious.

Vernon said...

Skinny trousers, short suit/sport coats, girly men all!

Anonymous said...

Macho Macho Man, you've got to be a Macho Man---reminds me of the Village People. Oh my, if only she knew how afraid you were to get something on your nice designer shirt. If your wardrobes were compared, you would probably have more designer clothes and shoes than she did. Let's see, a strong affection for designer clothing and shoes and a fear of getting your shirt dirty--those are feminine traits in my book.

But then, I think about Rhett Butler and the man who portrayed him--Clark Gable. I have a crush on Clark Gable. Oh, had we lived in the same era! He was a Man's Man in every way. He also made fine clothing look good!

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

As far as taking things to the next step, consider the Russian over the Mexican. Mexican girls do not have a long shelf life, and have a tendency to fatten up way too soon. Besides, with the Russian, you can always play Boris and Natasha--Daahling. Also, Dos Vydanya sounds much cooler than Adios.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

WAM ~ Why would I choose one over the other? As you know, ol' chum, I am completely opposed to prejudice, discrimination and bigotry of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article by Alex Kurtagic fitting totally with the subject:

Anonymous said...

I asked my grandma once why no one smiled in "olden days" pictures. She said sometimes it would take 5 min for the flash to go off so you couldn't hold a smile that long and everybody's teeth were so bad that no one wanted to smile : )