06 December 2014

I Got This


Jacobite said...

That's nuthin'! He just killed his own mother on Tuesday! Next week's finale will no doubt be an appropriately ancient Greek anti-climax to that scene.

I loved this show; nothing but non-stop sex and violence of no socially redeeming value whatsoever. Plus it had Aryan goddesses Ally Walker and Annabeth Gish both cast as corrupt law officers and insatiable sluts. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love SOA too. Who knows what will happen tonight? Perhaps a rival gang will retaliate and shoot the remaining members. I do know that my Tues. nights will never be the same again. I'm gonna miss them. I love their "kick ass and take no prisoners" mentality. They also hold to the
"an eye for an eye" standard--in one episode it was literal!! Thus making the shooting of Gemma necessary under the SOA code. Jax Teller could rescue me any day!!! I really think Kurt Sutter could have squeezed out at least 3 more highly successful seasons. I still don't understand why he's ending it now.

Jacobite said...

"I still don't understand why he's ending it now."

It's getting a bit stale and Sutter didn't want it to last even this long. BTW, Jax killed Gemma for murdering Tara. He blames himself for Bobby's death.

"Who knows what will happen tonight?"

Me. Jax will be killed according to SOA code for shooting Jury and Chibs will be the new SAMCRO prez.

Jacobite said...

It ended just as I predicted replete with some righteous .45 ACP pistol work and with Jax acknowledging his hubris and blissfully going out in style on Opie's Knucklehead.