18 January 2015

Bearded Clergy

The current crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, it could be argued, may be attributed to the lack of beards on Catholic clergy, including the Pope. Although, I do recall a couple of Jesuit priests of my schooldays who sported beards. I also remember an enormous, long-haired French-Canadian Jesuit priest who habitually wore a large plaid flannel shirt over his buttoned front instead of a black cassock and cape. By the time I entered into their care the cassock and cape had disappeared among the Jesuits.

Why we won’t get a bearded pope, Christopher Howse, The Daily Telegraph,  22 February 2013


Greencoat said...

'The current crisis in the Roman Catholic Church..'

What crisis is that then? Have I missed something?

Jacobite said...

There hasn't been any real Catholic church since Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

My immediate question was the same as Greencoat's above. The only crisis that I see is the constant and unfair criticism levied by the Press. That, and the inherent reluctance of the Church from stepping up and taking credit for being the greatest civilizing force in history and the biggest charity today.

If a beard should help our clergy to stand up to the liberal, non-believers, then I am all in favor of such.

Perhaps bearded cheeks would not be turned as fast?

dash deringer said...

when I was a boy my mother did a lot of work for a Franciscan seminary, so I was there more than I wanted to be, and most of the friers sported beards - in their long brown cassocks they looked like Jedi... I looked through photos of a recent ordination at mom's house and the only Franciscan's with beards were the older ones... and the young ones looked more fruity and less mystical as I remember - and the fruity ones is the reason why I parted ways with the church.

Anonymous said...

Try a whole nation anti beards Admiral. http://www.tofugu.com/2014/02/13/japans-epic-history-of-discrimination-against-the-mustache/

I was recently in Japan on business proudly displaying my "hige" a neat but full beard whilst meeting with Execs in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

"Have I missed something?"

Yes, a lot. Anyway, stay tuned for the next Papal Encyclical later this year: rumors about its contents are too consistent to be ignored. If they are correct, then you will understand why the fifth-columnists chose Cardinal Bergoglio as the perfect vehicle for their agenda of secularisation of the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Try the Orthodox Church if you appreciate beards.

YBH said...


Exec said...

it's all here. the usual suspects.