01 January 2016

La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre !


JB said...

"There are two criteria for men in our future army - they must be moved by the sight of snow-covered mountains, and they must acknowledge that most of the world is not moved by any such thing." - Marshal Ney

Johnny Pranke said...

In recent years, as I'm sure you've noticed, leftists have become increasingly deranged - especially those of the European variety. A sacrificial Diversity City (e.g., Detroit, St. Louis, Paris, etc.) here or there was acceptable since they didn't shake entire civilizations to the bone. But things have changed. New demographic realities are too glaring to ignore and normal people are waking up and starting to fully realize the extent of liberal insanity. A movement is building and the revolution, which was once a distant fantasy, may occur within our lifetimes.

I think you'll like this video:


I know you'll be ready when the time comes.