04 December 2007

On Seven Mile Beach

A recent snapshot taken whilst on a business excursion to Grand Cayman Island last summer. As an investment professional I am often required to attend meetings at the beach, in tropical locales, with drinks and attractive women in attendance. Such offshore locations call for lightweight suitings. In this photograph I am pictured wandering the beach in a disorientated fashion, after having ingested large quantities of Tanqueray and tonic with my clients. I am wearing a two-button, single-breasted Hickey Freeman suit in a lightweight tweed herringbone pattern, a Brooks Brothers broadcloth shirt with spread collar, and a Paul Stuart tie. The hat is the Kenya model from Locke & Co.. I am considering using galoshes next time in order to minimise the amount of sand infiltrating my Edward Greens.


enc said...

I've been reading your comments on "Sartorialist," so I decided to your blog.

I really like what you're doing. The images are great, and the writing . . . well, I love that you've got AP style down. You have a really evocative approach.

Thanks for doing what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...would hate to get sand in the EGs.

enc said...

There's a typo in my comment above, how hilarious!

Thanks for posting it anyway!

Carolina Lange said...

Your blog is really interesting! I love the images and your writing.