21 June 2012

Porterhouse Blue: Present Economic Circumstances

Sir Godber Evans: Don't you find this a little indulgent? Particularly in the present economic circumstances.

Dean: Oh, we never bother with "present economic circumstances".

Senior Tutor: We find that they tend to go away after fifty years or so.
Porterhouse Blue (1987)


Firepower said...

Down, today.
Up, the week before.
Big downgrades - Moody's?

Whistling past
of NYC

John said...

Bene edamus! Bene bibamus!
Saecula semper concelebramus
Quod imperat Regina
Ne faveat Doctrina
Se choro sonoro
Dives in omnia
Sed choro sonoro
Dives in omnia
Collegium, Collegium acclamus

Porterhouse, Porterhouse
To live and die in Porterhouse!
Dives in omnia!