13 August 2013

A Word On Russian Alphas

As you know, I'm currently mentoring a young Russian hottie. Mid-20s, 8.5/10, enormous blue eyes. She understands the sexual landscape better than most young women I've recently met.

She constantly complains about the young American men around here. They don't approach her. They don't make plans for dates. They act like faggots. She wants, she tells me, a real man. Which, I suppose, is where yours truly comes in.

"You look Russian", she told me once, looking me up and down.

I smile. In truth I'm rather taller, bigger, and more Nordic-looking than most Russians. But I go with it.

"That's not surprising, since my people founded Russia."


"Yes I'm German and I'm going to invade your panties like my ancestors invaded your country," I said, laughing at my own words. One can't be too serious where girls are concerned.

"Really now? OMG you're so disgusting." She laughed.

She compares American men to the chaps of her native country. Russian men are more masculine and aggressive, she says, more violent, more prone to fight and fuck. "They let a girl know if they want her. And then they take her."

My imagination immediately goes to that book by Lermontov, one of my favourites. If you haven't yet read it, I suggest you do so post-haste. But more on him later.

Be bold and take what is yours.

Tomorrow belongs to us.


Blanc said...

Mon Amiral,

I wish that tomorrow really did belong to us, but it's unfortunately more than clear that it belongs to the followers of Mohammed.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Blanc ~ The skinny little Muslim betas? LOL. I strongly doubt it, knowing as I do these people quite intimately. No, your enemies are closer to home: in your own family, town, or government. You're facing another civil war. You and others like you should be prepared to subdue or even eradicate those who look like you or come from similar backgrounds, and yet seek your destruction. Time to get your mindset right. This is going to get messy.

J.W. Black said...

I've spent ten years riding shotgun for Uncle Sam in Middle Eastern shit-holes. I concur that the typical Haj male doesn't strike an imposing figure. There's no athletic culture there to propel physical fitness and aggression. They like to eat dates and have man-on-man lovin'.

J.W. Black

Anonymous said...

Just breathe through your mouth and drag your knuckles on the floor and you have her drooling and wet as hell.

Blanc said...

I beg to differ.
Those fanatical, goat-shagging runts will destroy Western civilization.
Mark my words.

Cyprian Korzeniowski said...

Once Uncle Joe got rid of the bezrodnie kosmopolti, Russia became an authoritarian, reactionary country. No homos, pornography, or degenerate art. If you look at Soviet art some of it looks downright fascist.

When I went to Russia, I saw loads of hot girls (all clad in heels no exceptions), and - though reserved - seemed normal and weren't projecting a feminist bitch shield because, like, the patriarchy and shit. DC and Castle Manhattan on the other hand are packed with skraelings, traitors, and fatties. Russia was the real winner of the Cold War.



Anonymous said...

Glad you are writing again; cheers.

jubal early said...

I have decided to write my own personal memoirs based on all the sex I have been having lately. I am going to chronicle everything. Here is the first chapter:


Check it!

v. Braun. said...

That was really a very good book. Nearly prophetic how the author could at a relatively early date prefigure the egocentric modern 'asshole'...Of course I (had to) relate to that protagonist as well!

Yeah some Russians are veritable wild-boars, I remember being e.g. interrogated by one Soviet relict at the Hungarian border in Györ shortly after the Cold War.

w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

Hold on to your wallet, LBF, Russian women are some of the best con artists around.Great schtupps too!

GSL said...

Blanc, LBF, JWB; Yes Muslim 'men' are physically soft but there are at least tens of thousands willing to martyr themselves in a major strike at the West. They just can't continue being so incompetent. Soon they will strike us with something like a relatively low-tech dirty bomb in a major metro area (likely procured and masterminded thru a non-Muslim 3rd party) that will turn everything upside down. It will get very messy.

Cameron said...

'Yes Muslim 'men' are physically soft but there are at least tens of thousands willing to martyr themselves in a major strike at the West.'

Well, you don't win a war by dying for your country (ideology)...

GSL said...

Cam, they are not going the war but they could certainly facilitate a collapse of the West which under current circumstances should have the longer term desirable effect of "creative destruction". I'm keeping my powder dry.

Trailer Trad said...

You are loved! You have always been loved and will always be loved by our heavenly father. Nothing you can do can change that.

-Trailer Trad

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

TT ~ No, I am not. And neither are you. This is one of the biggest lies told to pre-Red Pill men. I appreciate the effort though.