20 August 2013

Agent Kruger

Or, as he's also known in the film, Agent 32--a direct reference to South Africa's famed special forces unit, 32 Battalion, known by their enemies as Os Terriveis, or, The Terrible Ones. I knew several of these chaps during my time in Southern Africa. Big, burly, bearded guys from South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia, and Portugal who didn't take shit from anyone. The attitude, beard, shorts, braai, weapons skills, and accent in the movie are accurate depictions of these men. After the fall of the country in 1994 some of them joined private security firms operating in other parts of Africa, namely Angola. They're still around waiting for new work. Activate Kruger !


Anonymous said...

see this piece in takimag:



Cameron said...

Rumour has it these types have formed an agency.

They'll set you up with a lovely view (from a lammpost). You can also enjoy (swinging in) the breeze.

GSL said...

I'd like to give Jodie Foster a reach-around.

Anonymous said...

I happened to meet one of these types once through a friend of a friend at a social gathering.

He impressed me because I sort of had an idea of what he was (no one else at the party did initially). I impressed him because I was living in an Eskimo village in Alaska.

Eventually, every one else at the party stood in silence watching us as we discussed life and the merits of different hunting techniques for various big game animals.