07 August 2014

The Girl from Slovenia

There's a cute twentysomething girl who works at my local cocktail lounge. Brunette, 5'3", bright eyes, wide smile, tight curvy arse. She's very flirtatious. But she has the oddest accent. It sounds as if she has some kind of speech impediment. And so for the last several months I assumed she was slightly retarded. But just recently, when she inquired if I were German and we connected, did I discover that she isn't retarded, but foreign.


Anonymous said...

A great line I will have to use, "excuse me madame, all along I thought you were retarded, but no, just foreign."

Ordnungssinn said...

And to think the only Slovenian in southern California was Kopitar. Imagine that.

If it wasn't a hot girl, we could apply the "toothless foreign type" here. We shall save that for the unwashed hordes from the Inland Empire and their lack of shampoo.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but honestly, I just don't get it---pretty young women who want to date men old enough to be their father, grandfather . . . I was a young 20 something brunette 5'3 with a similar body description---I still fit the description except I'm wiser now. I never had an interest in men that were so much older than myself. I guess I could have been better off financially if that had been the case. To each her own.