14 August 2014

Wax Fax

(sans beard)
The Southern California summer proceeds apace.

In recent weeks the salt water and sun have taken quite a toll on my Saxon-blond moustache and beard. Which are, I can report to you, still attracting increasing public attention.

Still, issues remain. In light of which, can any readers of this column recommend a suitable brand of facial hair wax to keep the chap-wool under tight control?

Many thanks in advance.

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Anonymous said...

The classic Clubman's is always a good choice and has a variety of shades (perhaps neutral for your Nordic coloring) - find them at clubmanonline.com.

Alternatively, a local e-shop (Costa Mesa) called Royal Shave (royalshave.com) has more damned 'stache waxes than I knew existed - there is bound to be something there that tickles your fancy.

Jacobite said...

Moustache wax is essentially beeswax with some added emollient like castor oil or lanolin to soften it up so that it is not as hard as a candle. I prefer a clear wax that has no additional coloring.

Given that it then comes down to scent. Three clear waxes that I like are:

Oregon Wild Hair which has a musky scent.


Bounders Extra Firm is made in London with Caribbean Rum and has some vanilla overtones but is hard to work with as it it is almost pure beeswax. Be sure you get a three-pack as the tins are quite small.


Honest Amish makes an unscented clear wax.


By all means avoid any and all French moustache products. They tend to be darkly pigmented and smell like, well, a French whore.

Anonymous said...

Check out Phyto's Phytobaume conditioner


Keir said...

I have taken to using 'Kokos Haarwachs' here in Deutschland from 'Swiss-O-Par'. Well, I have no control over what they call themselves. It's proper wax made from essence of cocaonut, although last week I was stopped on the street by a complete stranger who kindly helped remove some of it that had conspicuously remained in a glop on my head.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Anon @15:03 ~ Thanks, that's an awesome find. And they're local!

Jacobite ~ Thank you. I had no idea there was so much variety.

Rob ~ Thanks, I'll look into it.

Keir ~ Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

"In recent weeks the salt water and sun have taken quite a toll on my Saxon-blond moustache and beard"

Apparently the Norman Crusaders had similar problems in the Mediterranean regions. They had no wax and their personal hygiene was non-existent until they learned civilisation from the Saracens. The Saracens also taught the Crusaders table manners and the art of eating with a knife and fork.

Even so the Sicilian women were charmed by the Normans blond good looks. If you ever visit Sicily and see a handsome man with Nordic colouring blame the Normans.

Anonymous said...

I sport a similar beard and I just use hair oil from the brand "Moroccan Oil" on the damp beard. Wax and so forth is too greasy and I tried lots of brands and they all smell strange after a while. Moroccan Oil not.

Anonymous said...

"I sport a similar beard and I just use hair oil from the brand "Moroccan Oil" on the damp beard."

"Moroccan Oil" is meant to be smoked, not smeared on one's beard.

Anonymous said...

I have been using unscented hair spray for years. I was just not happy with any of the waxes I tried.

I got the idea of using hairspray from the big-hair rock bands of the 1980s, like Def Leopard, The Scorpions, and GnR. Like them, I wanted something industrial strength and learned that Aquanet was their brand of choice, especially the No. 3-extra-super-hold. They literally bought it by the case. It's inexpensive, easy to find, and works well on handlebars.

The best brand I have found, however, is called Aerogel. It has a lighter texture but stiffer set and can even be applied to damp hair. For hairspray it is pricey, but a can will last 6 months or more, so it is actually more cost effective than wax.

I find that hairspray offers many advantages over wax:

No taste, odor, colour, residue or greasiness.
Easy to handle and sets up dry without clumping.
Doesn't melt.
Firm, lasting hold.
Washes out easily; no build-up or flaking.

Note: When spraying, hold in close to reduce overspray and waste. When spraying directly onto your moustache, shield your eyes and don't inhale the spray. This isn't rocket science, but it pays to be careful. Also, no smoking.

1. Dry comb your moustache and straighten any tangles.

2. Spray the comb, then work through each side from the middle to the ends, then begin to shape. The sides can be done separately or together. Separately will give you more working time. The spray dries in about 10-15 seconds.

3. Spray your fingertips and form the curls and points. This step can be repeated to refine the style, as needed.

4. A light final spraying will produce a firm, all-day set.

5. Stand back and take note of what a handsome, moustachioed rascal you are.

Not happy with the result? Just comb it out and start over. No need to wash it first.

Best regards,


"Every villain needs a moustache he can twiddle gleefully as he cooks up his next nasty plan."
Mel Brooks

Anonymous said...

Dr Dittmar and Sterns: http://www.fellowbarber.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=moustache