01 December 2015

Brogued, Bothered, & Besuited

The days flow in unceasing rhythm, and a new year beckons. It is important, as you know, to face the approaching Sturmwind appropriately clothed in classic finery. In this exclusive photo (at left), I am wearing a Corneliani suit in a lightweight chalk stripe pattern and a bespoke pair of Cleverley brogues in City black. Note the fine chisel toes on the shoes. At my request, the toecaps have been specially reinforced with aerospace-grade titanium, for when I kick against the Bolshevik menace. If you spot a tall, well-dressed gent patrolling the carriageways at dawn, do stop and say hello.


YBH said...

Fancy pants!

Anonymous said...

And I surely would expect a meek thank you from the Bolshevik menace for being stomped on in such style.

Welcome back LBF,

Anonymous said...

Fancy, the Bolsheviks are sadly passe, a new menace has ridden into town.