08 December 2015

The Brooks Brothers Shirt

As you know, I have been a Brooks Brothers customer since I was very young. I regularly peruse the company literature. I recently spotted this quote from Tom Davis, a Brooks Brothers salesman, on the famed Fiat chairman and style icon Gianni Agnelli, who only wore Brooks Brothers button-down shirts:

 "Mr. Agnelli loved clothing, and he was like a kid in a candy shop when I took him for a tour around the store...He wore three colors: white, beige, blue. Not stripe, never another color."

I found this quote very timely, as I have similarly limited my shirtings to just a few colours: white, beige, blue, and pink. No stripes, no patterns. Button-down and spread collar. Pinpoint and oxford cloth. That's it.

After completing an audit of my dress shirt collection, I removed all of the unconventional numbers. It may be difficult getting rid of certain items, especially the expensive ones, but it does make things easier in the long run. When you know what you like and what looks good, go with it.

A proper dress shirt is the foundation of the professional chap's wardrobe. Keep it simple, clean, and classic.

Save the flash for interesting ties, watches, and accessories, if you so choose.


Michael said...

I have more shirts than Gatsby. Way more. I will go through spells of white BB button down, weeks on end of nothing else. Then I go wild at the shirt maker with stripes, or am drawn to T&A on 57th and puke up thousands for a few bold stripes with button cuffs or buy a dozen from Harvie & Hudson. It is a disease. But cheaper than the shoe addiction that is for sure.

Telemachus said...

I wear their white, blue, and blue stripe button-collars all the time... but always wrinkly and casual, I'd never wear one with a suit.

Brooks Brothers is starting to piss me off, though. My idiot local store no longer carries anything that isn't permanent press, and I get their garbage advertising every day in my email. Next time I'm going to try Mercer or that new place, Michael Spencer. Too bad they're a lot more expensive.

Glad to see you back, by the way.

Steve Nolan said...

Too bad Brooks Brothers has now gone so down market that one is relegated, for the most part, of ordering online if one want an iron only shirt.