09 May 2016

About A Boy

The boys in the photo (at left - h/t CH) look like me and my friends in suburban New York and Connecticut in the late '70s. We spent most of our free time outdoors. In fact, when I think back to my happiest moments, they invariably were outside, in forests and fields, creeks and lakes. Long days of bright sunshine. At weekends we would wear striped Adidas shoes--not Sambas or Gazelles, I forget the name of the model--windbreakers, polo shirts, and cruise around the neighborhood on our Schwinn Stingrays like a little biker gang. When we weren't hunting down big snapping turtles and crayfish in the creeks, we were fighting the other neighborhood boys.

The girls liked me and I liked them. They loved tousling my blond hair and daring me to kiss them and touch them. When I was around 7 or 8 I got into serious trouble with the school authorities who caught me kissing a cute little blonde girl, 'W,' after school one day. Her parents were not amused. I'll never forget the lecture I got from my father, who seemed very concerned. He was still in his three-piece Wall Street suit when he arrived home from work and sat me down in a darkened room for the talk. I like to think this incident didn't obstruct my pre-teen Game, but I'm not so sure.

It may sound odd to you, but there wasn't a time when I didn't think about sex. That I was precocious in this department would be an understatement. I became familiar with details of the female anatomy at a very young age, courtesy of various teenage babysitters, including a set of hot Italian/Jewish twins and a young Persian nanny whose wealthy parents in Iran sent her to live with us right before the revolution. I'll write more about her later.


Anonymous said...

ah yes, the Schwinn Stingray days of the late 60's. high rise handle bars and banana seat! also good memories with skate boards pretending to be cali surfers. JRF

M.Lane said...

I also have a fond memory of a Schwinn Stingray circa 1969......but I would rather have fond memories of twin babysitters.


dash deringer said...

I don't know what I miss more - my Schwinn Stingray, which I would ride in the valley from sun up to sun down... or the babysitters... if my mother only knew what some of those girls did with me...

Jacobite said...

On the Main Line in the fifties it was Keds, P.F. Flyers or Jack Purcell's. The nannies were German girls and the cooks were all big fat black ladies just like Mammy!

Verne said...

That was you late 70's. We out in Southern Cal must have been moving along a wee bit faster than you guys. That is exactly what I looked like in 1970. And I was poor kid never could afford Adidas and my stingray was a knock off.

We had a much different life. For girls until 12 years old I had no interest. It was all about running wild with the guys. Doing exactly the same things you did. We just did not have snapping turtles. Shot quail and eat crawdads. Hard to believe I was in LA but that was a far different time and place.

At 12 I finally had an interest in girls. But unlike you I was not a small cute blond kid. Testosterone came early to me I was overly tall hair on my arms and parts of me needed to even out. But I was blond. The only girls who liked me were the ones who were already 5'10" and the Mexican girls. And the Mexicans girls liking me caused me nothing be grief with the violent possessive Mexicans. I grew into it the next year, but 12 was rough

Damn those were good times. Like you, we were never at home. Hop a bus to the beach, ride our bikes to the creek. Have neighborhood wars with other gangs of kids. The nights we ran and learned about girls. Oh seeing Patty all dolled up in her Halloween get up, God were did that come from, girls grow up overnight, I was feeling love. Getting naked with a girl in and apartment rec room after school. I had just met her the convo went to "I want to see you naked" "only if you are naked too". Far too young, nether of us knew what to do. So we did very little and did that poorly. I left that knowing lust but still very innocent

Good times. The kids of today do not know of ether freedom or innocence.