09 October 2007

Harbour Island, Bahamas

A recent photo taken at Harbour Island, Bahamas. I am using the railing to steady myself, having just consumed a dozen large G&Ts. Note the single-breasted bespoke linen jacket with peak lapels, navy knit tie from Brooks Brothers, and pocket square. Shortly after this photograph was taken, I passed out in the sand. When I awoke later that evening, I discovered someone had nicked my Persols.


Pargolo said...

honestly, i think this would have gone over better were the tie from Paul Smith, or J.Press. BB just comes off a little too much comme il faut.

applevenusian said...

the G & Ts must be stronger in the Bahamas - didn't you walk out of a bar after drinking eleven of them lickety-split?

Anonymous said...

Don´t fancy your philosophy in your blogs.Seems to me you appear very sure of yourself .I think it tells of a very small ego.