10 October 2007

Templer College

Whilst looking through some papers, I found this old photograph of my boarding school, Templer College. I have fond memories of the place. In the photo above, you can see the main building at centre, and attached to it at right is Lancaster House, where I boarded. At the upper right of the picture you can just make out the window of the room where I lived during my third year there. That is the very window from which I made my evening excursions, as president of the Templer College Stegophily Society (TCSS). A quiet, well-behaved student, I was prone to occasional bouts of furtiveness and quiet seething. Still, my solitary yet affable nature engendered a measure of affection in my fellow students, for which I am still grateful. Favourite subjects were History and Mathematics, while French occupied a special place in my adolescent thoughts due to the attractions of the French teacher, Mlle. Delphine. Despite my involvement in what later became known as the Mayonnaise Affair, about which even now I am reluctant to talk openly, and which led to my expulsion from Templer, my years there were amongst the happiest of my life.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

That's Christ Church!