24 October 2007

Pirate Slipper Dreams

A recent action pic of my pair of pirate slippers from Stubbs & Wootton. These are the slippers of which slipper dreams are made. Featuring a high vamp design, these handcrafted, leather-soled gems were made in Northampton, England, and took 3 months to complete. I have to say, they were well worth the wait. I mostly wear them in the evenings with a Viyella robe whilst enjoying a glass of Dewar's and an Avo Robusto. They are equally suited to intimate cocktail gatherings, where I combine them with a blue BB OCBD, v-neck sweater in navy cashmere, and chestnut cords. Without socks, of course. Decadence defined.

1 comment:

applevenusian said...

Those slippers are the shit!