05 February 2009


Does anyone, I wonder, remember this most delightful televisual programme from the 1980s? It aired (if that is the right term) in the late 1980s, only for a season or two. I recall watching it not with any special attentiveness, but with a fervent sensation growing in my breast, which, on mature reflection, can only be called envy. Why? It featured two hard-drinking, well-to-do wine merchants, Hugo and Jack, suddenly forced, by an impending recession and their accountant's demise, to brazen out their wine business in grubby shirt sleeves, moist brows, and hours of hard work. It was notable, I think, for the amount of serious wine-drinking it portrayed. Which is why I celebrate it here and raise a glass (or three) to its memory.


initials CG said...

vaguely remember...but I'll definitely raise the glass (fourth or fifth, by then)!

andrew said...

Admiral Cod,

Don't remember the show but do remember the larger gentleman from Withnail & I.



Anonymous said...

Richard Griffiths went on to lead in 'Pie in the Sky', an awful cookery-detective show saved by some rather marvellous game dishes

Anonymous said...

Great programme - would love to see it on DVD. RG was superb in this. The programme enhanced my interest in wine - which has cost me a lot of money over theyears.