22 April 2011

The English Gentleman: The Gentleman and the Church

Church Affairs

On the whole gentlemen do not like to become too closely involved in church affairs. They do, however, encourage their wives to play a full part in the life of the community. Gentlemen's wives sit on committees, are Presidents of almost everything and open fêtes at the drop of a flowered hat. Gentlemen confine their activity to giving a box of apples to the Harvest Festival and sending the vicar a bottle of port for Christmas.

By and large gentlemen believe in God because, by and large, they are confident that God believes in them.

The English Gentleman, Douglas Sutherland (1978)


Tabitha said...

I passed an open air mass today, it was beautiful, I surprised myself by taking a few moments to be part of it.
Happy Easter, hope there are bunnies in your future.

Kevin Faust said...

I hope that there are bunnies in your future too. And lambs. And ducklings.