20 April 2011

Old Sole

"Last week, during Cleverley's spring visit to New York, Glasgow received a package from an old customer containing the spectacularly aged Derbies you see above. Dating to 1968 (all Cleverley's unique shoes are marked by hand inside with the year of their construction), they have taken many steps; they've received, at one stage or another, the shoemaker's equivalent of intensive care; they've continued to be lovingly polished, and worn a full forty-three years after they rolled off the bench of the original Mr. George. The anonymous customer, now in his seventies, left a note inside the shoes — one filled with suitable understatment: "I think it's time to replace this pair, although I'm worried the new shoes will be too new for the wooden box.""


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1 comment:

A Super Dilettante said...

Beautifully photographed. It reminds me of Van Gogh's shoes.