08 February 2012

Flannel Pinstripe Dispensation

Even in Southern California, I am pleased to report, it is possible to wear a flannel suit. When the weather is sufficiently cool, and the planets are aligned in rare celestial conjunction, I often can be spotted wearing a Southwick flannel suit. My favourite such item (pictured at left) is the Dorset 2-button model, in a rich charcoal with light blue pinstripes. Of all my suits, this one receives the most comments. In the photograph I have paired it with a light blue spread-collar shirt in a subtle herringbone pattern and a Rolex Submariner watch. Not pictured are a Rubinaccie tie and Cleverley half-brogues in merlot. The blue brings out the colour of my eyes, which the ladies evidently find rather pleasing, or so I have discovered.


White Horse said...

Well executed old bean.

Michael said...

Nice suit. I ran into a friend the other day, a New Yorker, in Los Angeles and he was wearing flannel. I quit buying the winter suits when I left the Bay area over twenty years ago.

Vernon said...

The last I heard three or four years ago the Italian company that bought Brooks Bros. Also bought Southwick

The last I heard the Italian outfit that owns Brooks Brothers bought Southwick and moved them from Lawrence Mass. To Haverhill Mass.

Southwick has made some suits for Brooks since the 1950's when they made the "346" line. There was a time when every major campus had an Ivy type store that sold Southwick. Always very sharp.

Vern Trotter

Boston Bean said...

Do you Southern Californians wear a sombrero with your pinstripe suits?

Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

Just perfection. Thats my look! And my watch btw!;)
The blue-eyes blue-shirt look works on me as well. Rock on pal.

young brunette hottie said...

Your eyes are a lovely shade of blue.