15 February 2012


For the last 12 years or so I've been eating the Paleo Diet without even knowing it. It was only after doing some research that I discovered plenty of other chaps were doing the same. And that they had a name for it. What is it? The Chef In Jeans explains:

"[Paleo] is a diet that is based off the eating practices of ancient man.

The diet itself is designed to mimic the eating habits of preagricultural humans, the hunter gatherers. The thinking behind this is that this phase of human existence is, on a whole, the bulk of human existence. The past few thousand years spent farming grains and crops is just a small percentage of how we’ve existed throughout our existence.

Industrialization has done little to help by making foods, that before were very rare, like sugar, into something incredibly commonplace. To those of us who support the paleo way of life its very obvious why the modern western world is in the middle of an obesity epidemic."


Turling said...

Interesting, too, that we must give a name to what my father and grandfather just called "food" throughout their lives. My how we make everything so damn complicated.

Anonymous said...

Old boy, the paleo is great except for the prohibition of alcohol.

I like to think my paleolithic ancestors were smart enough to seek out rotten grape juice, what.

Anonymous said...

@Turling- No, your grandfather ate a lot of bread and potatoes as well as desserts and sweetened sauces and salads.

Turling said...


You're my grandma, I take it?

DEK said...

Yes: alcohol was the first question that came to my mind.