20 March 2012

Peter Beard Style

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DEK said...

Years ago, before I was properly paying attention to such things, I saw a brief segment on TV about Beard, which I remembered because he seemed so dashing and handsome and had this wonderful scrapbook he was putting together of his life, which the Wikipedians describe as follows:

"Page after page is covered with photographs of women, transcribed telephone messages, marginalia in India ink, clippings from the daily newspapers, dried leaves and insects, old sepia-toned photographs, drawings of animals and people by Kikuyu artists, quotes by Joseph Conrad, found objects, images of decaying elephant carcasses, and sometimes, Beard’s own blood."

Which is pretty much what I remembered of it. I have from time to time tried to put something like that for myself, but, having no access to decaying elephant carcasses, I of course have failed.