02 May 2012

Future Elegy


In Marville the Banker's bar in Aurelius Heights stays open late. The lusty psychonauts gather in loafers by Ferragamo. In the dark of lengthening shadows we drink cocktails, letting slide critical observations of the tourists in clipped accents.


Is that whimpering I hear? How utterly pathetic. Stop complaining about how bad things are. Don't bemoan your fate, as if your life itself is a punishment imposed. There is nothing you can do about it. The world heads inexorably towards crisis. Face the sun. Embrace it. I want strife, pain, and conflict. I thirst for war. I long for it. I’m grateful to live in such turbulent times. The impending storms--as I keep stressing to you--are likely to produce a race of heroes. One way or another, we will all be tested. We're going to win this thing.

I have a longstanding sense of restlessness, of impending action. I live as a wanderer at the edge of darkness, an advance scout in pursuit of the immolations. I've slipped free of the modern conventional moralities, which is why my words at times may seem so alien to you. We kneel at different altars; we worship different gods.


The Southern California Spring is coming to an end, and we can expect warmer days ahead. This means spending days in the sun, reading novels and composing manifestos. I still have much to explain to you, including:

*a stint working for the Tories, including during Thatcher's last days in office
*adventures in Nationalism in Britain, Europe, South Africa, and North America
*sexual escapades in California, and my part in promoting the 'cougar' phenomenon
*unofficial 'intelligence-gathering' in Manhattan on behalf of a certain Middle Eastern country in the early 1990s
*paramilitary training in South Africa
*the amusing circumstances that led to my first jail term
*an ongoing struggle with addiction to gin and codeine


Speaking of which, is it ever possible to drink too many G&Ts? The thought did occur to me last Saturday morning when I woke up on the tiled floor of my young girlfriend's beachside multi-story house with a ripped Façonnable shirt and one loafer missing.


Firepower said...

q: Speaking of which, is it ever possible to drink too many G&Ts?

a: It depends on the Gin.

King Lear said...

You have lead an interesting life Admiral. I am eager to read what you are able to share.

La Sombra Sofisticada said...

Yes, the temperature rises and it's not only because of the approaching summer. For example, Swedish nationalists had a great breakthrough yesterday.

And yes, you're right, it's time for every white man to raise to the ocassion. Stop whining and take action!

Anonymous said...

Winged words. I will read on with interest.

Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

I love to read your words. Heros will be trained and heroes will be tested. As we say in germany: Nur die harten kommen in den Garten!
I know that we would have a great time together, working with all the uhnwi's and drinking and fighting together on calis streets.
Stay in love with GT Or BombayT as I prefer them, because I will too!

Ryu said...

I've known several WNs who turned to the bottle. WN is powerful stuff. On one hand it is very educational and we learn alot. On the other, we become different from our fellow whites and become the object of their hatred. Often whites are the most against WN. This is a very difficult thing.

Herr Gehlen said...

Already in the 90s in this desert. My uniform of white Polo shirts, khaki shorts and boat shoes will continue for months.

And with regular visits to the shooting range...at government expense of course. :)

Seven months till freedom...

v. Braun. said...

I have recently learned that the English word 'cougar' doesn't always connote an animal although it seemingly does so most of the time. ;)

Cyprian Korzeniowski said...

Inspiring words. I have had vague but strong premonitions of things to come - urgings of long forgotten Slavic forest gods, perhaps. Speaking of loafers - I thrifted a pair of Gucci loafers with a green-red-green band under the horsebit. Their colors, I know, but my first thought was that the Legion's colors. Perhaps another sign! At any rate, we stand at a juncture with amazing opportunities our fathers never had. The end will be a beautiful thing.

GSL said...

I look forward to hearing of your field-work regarding cougars. As for the G & Ts, I would counsel all aspiring revolutionaries to at least learn how to manage one's excesses as they can be most unhelpful when things start to get exciting (see Röhm, Ernst).

Basque Corsair said...

Never a dull moment. How life should always be.

White Horse said...

Looking forward to this one, "the amusing circumstances leading to my first jail term". Curious to see if it is at all similar to mine!

Anonymous said...

unofficial 'intelligence-gathering' in Manhattan on behalf of a certain Middle Eastern country in the 1990s

Mossad? If so, I'm a bit surprised. Perhaps it was during a more neoconnish phase?

DEK said...

I wonder how often it happens that a person begins a blog because he has interesting stories to tell, but then decides that the blog format will not do them justice and that he ought tell other, less interesting stories instead.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

DEK ~ Fair enough. I suppose it happens in a few cases. Sometimes there is less time available for Interweb scribblings; or, more to the point, real life offers a more compelling distraction.