12 May 2012

Restless And Enterprising

Note: immaculately tailored
safari jacket and well-tended
facial hair
"The social drive of the Romans was like that of safari ants. Their armies hurried across the land, in disciplined rank, carrying all before them, first in one direction and then in another. Centuries later a strain among the English, Scots and Irish produced behaviour more like ants in their alate or flying form. Restless and enterprising individuals responded to an impulse and took off overseas, where they set up trading posts, and then colonies, where they were largely dependent on their own initiative and ingenuity. This was my own background and when my father retired from India he made not for Ireland but for South Africa, where I was to join him."

George Adamson, My Pride And Joy (1987)


Ryu said...

What a great quote. Mindweapon and Columnist are really into whites going around, being bilingual, and becoming traders/colonists.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Ryu ~ Yes. It's the kind of people we are. This quote is also connected to the new book by E.O. Wilson, The Social Conquest Of Earth, which I recently bought but haven't yet read.

GSL said...

E.O. Wilson presents his 'Social Conquest' thesis on 92 minute video (see FORA.tv link)at age 82...oh and do take note of ancient Wilson tartan necktie. I like guys, like Adamson & Wilson, that swing for the fences.