04 May 2012

Sky Inside

Pictured (at left) is the exquisite silk lining of one of my made-to-measure suits from H. Freeman, a two-button, dartless 'sack' model in charcoal pinstripe. The sky-blue lining, I've been told, is the result of the hard labours of about 12 million silk worms raised on a diet of hand-furled tea leaves soaked in champagne. I'm not sure I believe it, but there you are. To my uniforms I like to add certain unexpected touches, such as a jacket lining in a unique shade, details that are dissident enough without being too discordant.


Greencoat said...

Any chance of a full-length photo so we can admire the whole suit?

Michael said...

H Freeman do very nice work. My standby in these post depression, slow growth, bespoke-free days.