05 September 2012

Do Something

'If you know some guys you can connect with, and who are on more or less the same page philosophically, make sure you make time for them. Set aside time to create that history and build that trust. Even women who are "like one of the guys" will have a chilling effect on that process. Men are not honest with each other in the same way when women are present, and establishing trust requires honesty. Men are going to want to have girlfriends and wives and families and other connections with women in their lives, and that is all well and good, but as I said, you can't expect men who don't really know you to help you through tough times. Put in the effort. Eating and drinking together is fine, but it makes more sense to plan tactically oriented outings. You need to learn how to read each other and work together as a group. Go to the shooting range. Go hunting. Play paintball. Go to the gym. Take martial arts classes. Join a sports team. Take a workshop. Learn a useful skill. Fix something. Build something. Make something. Get off your ass and do something.'

Jack Donovan, The Way Of Men (2012)


Bay Man said...

Are you an androphile?

Herr Gehlen said...

Solid advice.

There is a group of us in Saint Louis. (all ex-military from US/Canada/Brit in our late 20s). We do several things together (from adult ice hockey league to right-wing direct action events).

It is at the tribal level that we begin to re-conquer.

Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...
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Ryu said...

Ah, you read Jack Donovan. He is a quasi-WN. Very rare among the MRA crowd, which may explain why he's become a bit of a black sheep.