20 September 2012

Rugby Polo

For the summer season I picked up a few Rugby shirts from the San Francisco store to augment my existing collection. Here is one of them (at left). It fits exceptionally well. The candid image, snapped by my crack team of photographers, reveals part of the design. The back of the shirt contains the word 'ENGLAND' and a large number '11'. I no longer play rugby, but I once did; I have the broken nose to prove it. Still, while wearing the shirt, I've been asked if I played for England, which of course is not the case, just as it is not the case, despite inquiries, that I am a cop, military officer, nazi, or Russian gangster. I just naturally look the part. Which I suppose is a good thing. At least I'm not mistaken for a bearded academic, dirty hippy, or politician.


Anonymous said...

It's good not be a Russian gangster, or Russian for that matter.

Herr Gehlen said...

Not a terrible selection of mistaken identities. There are worse gangsters than Russian.

Now with a Golden Dawn shirt... :)

King Lear said...

'At least I'm not mistaken for a bearded academic, dirty hippy, or politician.'

Hear, hear admiral. As the world collapses around us we must maintain our standards lest we become like 'them'.

columnist said...

Ah, but are you mistaken for a banker?