06 October 2012

For Your Pleasure


Cameron said...

Jacqui has a great 'ass', as you Judeo-Yanken say.

Pat Hannagan said...

Don't be mad at me LBF. I have my very well thought through doubts about FP, that is all.

Here's a great song, new out this summer for a rapprochement:


Very New Order sound.

Pat Hannagan said...

My favourite Ferry song:


lord brett sinclair said...

at the 2011 roxy concert i attended the stage was crammed with lush ladies including two dancers that really reminded what a super pop combo the roxy boys are in terms of style and substance.
i fought back the tears as i sang along to 'if there is something' and it's wistful remembrance of younger days; luckily my tinny falsetto was drowned out by the crowd and the PA.

Scale Worm said...

I'm spinning Bête Noire as I read your blog tonight.