14 November 2012



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Did you watch this documentary on PBS, Admiral?


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At exactly what point do intelligent, self-respecting Westerners rebel against the ubiquitous concept of Islamic “offense” – especially when it concerns things that are at the very heart of the Westerners’ own culture and history, if not their own deepest beliefs? At what point do Westerners balk at the fact that “offense” has become a one-way-street, with Muslim “offense” at various aspects of Western culture being treated as sacrosanct while Westerners, if they so much as hint at being offended by any aspect of Muslim culture, are branded as racists and Islamophobes? At what point do Westerners refuse to whittle away at their own cultures and customs in order to please, placate, and pacify? At what point do they take a good, hard look at reality – at the fact that while they may experience a warm, fuzzy feeling at the spectacle of their Muslim neighbors celebrating Muslim holidays, a great many of those Muslim neighbors are determined to eradicate any outward sign of their religious holidays – and realize that something is going very, very wrong?

What a grim mystery the psychology of dhimmitude is! How staggering it is that so many people in the Western world are so willing to allow the furniture of their lives to be rearranged in response to claims of offense founded on some alien culture’s ingrained triumphalism!

When will it stop? For it must stop. For if it doesn’t stop, it’s clear as day where it will all end.

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