14 January 2014

Found Out

Just recently I had luncheon with a lady friend in Newport Beach. We sat at a table in the afternoon sun watching tourists and shoppers file by.

Around my own age, she is rich, successful, and divorced with children. She is one of the only women in my circle with whom I discuss the dating scene and relationships in general. I use her as an example to test certain concepts. Sometimes I recommend a book or two. That is, after we fuck.

Over plates of pan-seared Scottish salmon she admitted she had found online an essay by a 'Manosphere' writer describing the thought processes a woman goes through when she files for divorce. It had really hit home, she told me, and made her cry. She recognised herself--and wasn't impressed. What really shocked her, she continued, was that men see this behaviour and understand it.

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w. adam mandelbaum esq. said...

Here is the thought process a woman goes through when she files for divorce: "How much of this guy's stuff can I steal? How dirty and how many lies do I have to swear to to get this stuff, AND can I get him to pay my legal fees too?"
At least after handling some 400 of them, that seems to me to be the process.