14 January 2014

Ocean Pacific: OP Relaunch

According to my contacts in the Southern California surfwear industry, the iconic brand Ocean Pacific (OP) is planning a relaunch with a focus on retro OP designs.

It's about bloody time!

My acquaintance with OP goes back to the early 1980s. Visiting family in Los Angeles and Orange County, I picked up loads of OP items: the famous surf polos, surf t-shirts, and corduroy shorts. It helped, of course, that I was an avid swimmer, body-boarder, and surfer.

Vans and Quiksilver were also favourites.

For years I was the only chap in my neighbourhood with this type of clothing. California surfwear was a definite novelty in New York and Connecticut at the time, and acted as a girl-magnet. It blended well with my preppy style. When later I was sent to school in England, I'm sure I was the only chap in the country to own a pair of Vans.

The world headquarters of OP are situated just down the street. Perhaps they will seek me out for consultation? I await the 'phone call.


Anonymous said...

As a consultant you get free surf apparel.

I am still surprised there isn't more surf/prep blend. It's a natural fit I think. And like your experience in NY/CT, it is a great image for this landlocked location.

cornish gent said...

Can I ask where in England you went to school?