08 December 2009

Hemingway on Mackinaw Coats

The Three-Day Blow (1925)
"Nick stopped and picked up a Wagner apple from beside the road, shiny in the brown grass from the rain. He put the apple in the pocket of his Mackinaw coat.”

“Nick put on his Mackinaw coat and his shoes. His shoes were stiff from the drying. He was still quite drunk but his head was clear.”

Islands in the Stream (1970)
“He got up from the floor and put on moccasins and an old Mackinaw coat…”

The Last Good Country (1972)
“He kissed her but she did not wake and he put on his old Mackinaw coat and felt in the packsack until he found the pint bottle of whiskey.”

“In the night he was cold and he spread his Mackinaw coat over his sister…”


Anonymous said...

Curious that he refers to it as a Mackinaw coat. I'd think Mackinaw would suffice.

ADG said...

Man...I see my grandfather in that coat.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

It's been so cold here in SoCal, I see myself in that coat.