15 December 2009

Photographic Arts: Dafydd Jones

If you were to add the name Dafydd Jones to the list of illustrious society photographers including Cecil Beaton, Lord Litchfield, and Slim Aarons, you would be quite correct. Daf Jones is a British society photographer whose art has chronicled the goings-on of the cocktail party set in Britain and New York since the 1980s. He has worked for, amongst others, the Tatler, Vanity Fair, New York Observer, Talk, and the Sunday Telegraph. His picture archives are grouped under various headings such as Art & Fashion, Tatler Party Pictures, and English Social Season. My favourites include Dangerous Sports Club and Piers Gaveston. If he had an archive titled Drunk Chaps Wearing Tweed, I would be in it.



Easy and Elegant Life said...

I thought he did have a "Drunk Chaps Wearing Tweed" category? Or was that just the point-to-point stuff?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting this photographer. Spent hours finding photos of some not-so famous acquaintances. Dafydd does get around all right. - Despite managing to take telling pictures. I have the impression he's having fun. Interesting pics in Saudi Arabia.