31 March 2010

Cleverley Cameo

The word on the street is that I shall be visiting Beverly Hills, CA in late April to meet with the kind chaps at G.J. Cleverley & Co. Ltd.. I have my deep sapphire blue eye on a black calf semi-brogue with chiselled toe and wanton curve. Perhaps I will do, if I can rearrange my schedule and if fellow members allow me to shirk for just a few hours the responsibilities incumbent upon me as co-founder and chief cocktail inspector of the Exiles Dining Society (TEDS). Needless to say I am rather excited about the prospect of a day-trip, as I am currently revamping my entire business shoe collection, and plus, I have not visited Northern California in absolute ages. (Do they still speak English up there? We shall soon find out). Say a prayer for me and keep your jewel-bedecked fingers crossed that my antiquated motor car (the 'S' in S-Class stands for shite) does not suffer a smash-up on the way.


Lisa said...

We're not as bad as the far Northerners... at least you can understand our accents.

ADG said...

Nothing better than the signature Cleverly "curiously squared" toe.

Now what the hell happened to Tartan Tuesday?

A.E.F. said...

Admiral - Are you angling for your own little shoe song a la ADG/Maxminimus?

Belle de Ville said...

Very chi-chi shoes. Lucky you.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Thank you for the nice comments.

AEF - Yes, something in the key of C major would be nice.

ADG - Not to worry my dear chap Tartan Tuesday is still very much a feature of this site. In fact I am scheduling Tartan Tuesday photo shoots as we speak.