09 March 2010

Montherlant on the Supreme Good

"Intelligence, heroism, ambition, art and work, all these things certainly have some value. But for me they are of secondary importance--definitely secondary--compared to what I have always called, and always shall call, the Supreme Good, which is loving someone."

Henry de Montherlant, Explicit Mysterium


WerewolfinExile said...

Loving someone as the supreme good is interesting, and perhaps worthy for the needs of the self on some level. However, I wonder what the Trojans would call the "supreme good" given the what occurs in the Homeric tale about Paris's love for Helen.

Not to be a bitter cynic, but it seems like the supreme good and my internal misery are indelibly linked.

Still, the post got me thinking...thanks.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Thank you for posting.