24 March 2011

Superfogey (1985)

'Charles had, come to think of it, always been a bit Fogeyish. Now he had clear focus. His love of opera, his devotion to the Church of which he will one day be the Head, his goonish sense of humour, his shy gallantry, his interest in the countryside and gentlemanly sports. Of course! There he stood, turn-ups in his jacket: although he rarely wears a waistcoat and could not exactly be described as donnish, the Young Fogeys could not have found a better patron. The Prince doesn't wear old tweeds, naturally, but buys the real thing; he is the walking epitome of the old aristocracy to which the YF aspires in his dreams. He seems so stalwart for old values, too--family, fishing, duty--and the whole package is even neater when one remembers that his wife is Super Sloane.'

The Young Fogey Handbook, by Suzanne Lowry (1985)

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