26 February 2013

Gold Digger

A good friend shared with me his views on the local population of females.

A successful commercial real estate broker in his early 50s, he recently emerged from a difficult divorce and is enthusiastic about getting back into the dating game. I do like the chap--even if he is a bit rough around the edges. I have the impression he models himself on me, so I've generously taken him under my wing, so to speak. He has seen me in action with women young and old numerous times and respects my approach.

When I cautioned him about the prevalence of 'gold-diggers' in the area, he responded:

"All women", he explained, "are gold-diggers, some more than others. They look for a man to provide for them and give them stuff. That's just how they are."

How true. I was glad to hear him say it; he is learning.

I came to the same realisation on my own in my mid-20s, long before the 'Red Pill' phenomenon, without guidance from other more learned chaps. This awakening, if one can call it that, was accompanied by a variety of new perspectives and understandings. Over the years my illusions have been smashed one by one until only youthful dreams are left. They remain stored away in back-up, like a treasured book on a back shelf, to be dipped into now and again if only as a reminder.

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Ryu said...

I understand that the old money, blue bloods in NYC and Boston understand this best of all. They've got the yachts, penthouses and all of that. But it's dangerous when they're young, they have too many illusions. The old man has to teach them.

W. Adam Mandelbaum Esq. said...

This gold digging sense of female entitlement is in large part due to leftover chivalry ideals, and the ridiculous habit certain Western men have of putting a woman on a pedestal. Probably the main reason Dante immortalized Beatrice in Poetry, was he didn't have to wake up to her. Crowley had it right: something that should be delivered at the back door with the milk.

MGM said...

Yes, my experience, for the most part, is consistent with Admiral Cod's conclusion: that women have an instinctive urge to wed a man of material means. Indeed, I have gotten laid many times for this reason alone. (I am generally a rather unpleasant fellow -- I am studious, self-centered, contemptuous of most ordinary people, and aesthetically demanding. After getting to know me personally, the only women that tend to stick around are those who like me for my relative affluence.)

But, there is an exception to this rule: You may have noticed that an increasing number of women are becoming "professionals." I noticed this when I was in law school. About half of the student body in most professional graduate programms -- law, medicine, business, etc. -- consist now of women. These women consider themselves independent and professional, and so they typically do not find attractive those men whose sole asset is their affluence. These women are just like professional men in many respects -- they date and sleep with men who are exotic and interesting -- you know, men with tattoos, black men, muscle men, etc. I cannot fault them, for I do the same thing with respect to women: I date and sleep with women who are skinny, sexual, and not altogether bright. (:

Mary said...

Don't you think it's work for women to look attractive and feminine and be desirable? And have sex with old and unattractive men? It's a fair trade if there ever was one.

Jack said...

Unfortunately, the stiff member points not to True North, but to "Truly Dumb". A novel called "The Golden Orange", by Joseph Wambaugh, set in your area covers this cynically and well.

Roger Dodger said...

I agree with MGM, there does seem to be a growing trend of women who have their own money. I haven't seen one, but I know they exist... kinda like midgets

young brunette hottie said...

I like money.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading the comments. I'm laughing. My apologies. Oh my, so many insecure people---no wonder they have problems forming lasting relationships. As a woman, I'm neither a gold digger or a professional. I am a well educated stay-at-home mom, for now. As my husband's wife and the mother of his children, I make him look good, very good.

As for those who value money, money, and more money---may you be buried with all of the money your coffin can possibly hold.