13 February 2013



Anonymous said...

Lovely motorcycle. The 'Hammer' is their best model by far, handles beautifully. As a Brit I find American motorcycles as I find America, lumpen, crass and bloated. I make an exception in the case of the Hammer - I test rode a model a few years back and had to return it to the dealership shame-faced after scraping the exhaust on the ground somewhere in the north west corner of Clapham Common.

As an aside - I believe motorcycling to be a very philosophically right-wing activity. Dangerous, visceral, individualistic - I'm glad to see you're a fan Cod.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Anon @10:11 ~ Many thanks for the comment. I am. I'm looking at a Triumph cruiser. What I would really like is a custom chopper or bobber Nat-style.