20 February 2013

Major Hoad On Suede Shoes


GSL said...

I could more easily envisage Obama in a Green Beret than Major Hoad in jeans.

Jacobite said...

He's quite right. My dirty bucs go particularly well with grey wool tropical weight trousers. A bit hard to keep the shoes clean though. One needs both a brass and a rubber bristled brush. Some folks get lazy and turn them into white bucs but I haven't seen that look since the mid 1960's.

On the other hand, desert boot chukkas with crepe soles are just about the ugliest looking shoes ever made. Plus the heels and soles last about five minutes if you weigh over 125 pounds. I don't care one whit if the defenders of Tobruk wore them. We used to call them "fruit boots."

As for blue jeans, a pair of rough out cowboy boots are just the ticket and unlike dirty bucs you needn't keep them un-scuffed.