20 May 2013

Imperial Great Room


Richard said...

This is an awesome room!

Looks like Chensy is stirring up soemthing with a character called Russell Street. Mr. Street says the character was made up, and I know that Chensy isn't your favorite cat. If I am not mistaken, you have referenced Film Noir Buff on your site (thoughts on this conflict)?

Should we stir something up with Chensy? We haven't had a blogging war in sometime, and with all the tumblr and tweeters, we should revive the blogging community with a little bloodshed. Thoughts?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

R ~ Chensvold is a little shit who is still sore I refused his invitation to write for his site. He's banned me from commenting there. I have bigger trout to grill at the moment, but will stay apprised of the situation.

Richard said...

I understand Laguna Beach Fogey, but I am just bored at the moment! I am just in the mood for a fight.