01 May 2013

This Machine

duce ex machina


DEK said...

Bersaglieri in Abyssinia. Evelyn Waugh covered the war in Abyssinia for the Daily Mail and defended the Italian invasion on the basis of Abyssinian barbarism and slave-raiding against its neighbors, presenting it as another of the age-old conflicts between civilized nations and the barbarous people who commit predations at their border.

Per Varios Casus said...

Far too few of them unfortunately.

Podsnap said...

Those feathered hats were pretty pissweak in WW2 Fogey. Don't tell me you're a wog on top of all your other objectionable attributes ?

BTW I know you'll flush this comment - but I also know you'll read it - and it will annoy you.

Cheers Poddy.