30 May 2013

Nicholas II

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Ivar said...

Regarding the Romanovs, here is a letter from the President of Ukraine to Grand Duchess Maria:

[Letterhead of the President of Ukraine]

To: Her Imperial Highness

Grand Duchess Maria of Russia

Head of the Russian Imperial House

(House of Romanoff)


March 27, 2013


Your Imperial Highness!

I offer my sincerest congratulations to you on the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanoff.

During its reign, the Russian Imperial House had an enormous and enduring significance in the creation of a strong and stable governmental power, which in turn helped establish the foundations of many of today’s states.

The Russian Imperial House, being a unique institution, links the past and present, uniting in itself fundamental values of faith, strength, and humanity. Especially worthy of note and respect is your own tireless efforts to strengthen the friendly relations between brotherly peoples. I would like you to know that projects you had placed under your patronage to assist orphaned children from low-income families, to assist in the construction of churches, and to foster and support the rebirth of cultural and historical traditions have thrived since your visit to Ukraine in 2011.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for your efforts, as well as my heartfelt best wishes for many years of happiness and prosperity for you and your Imperial House.

With respect,


Viktor Yanukovich

posted at: imperialhouse.ru