17 June 2013

On The Sexes (Generation Identity)

Of all the battles you've fought, your battle against the sexes was the most reprehensible.

Instead of the harmonious union of men and women, you've promoted alliances of queers and transvestites, the union of nothingness.

You've taken the manliness out of men. You've raised them to be feeble teddy bears lacking the power to act, lacking courage, lacking strength--in short, the will to power.

You've convinced women that femininity is outdated and socially constructed. You've told them that it's not necessary to look pretty and healthy, not necessary to have families and children, and that only their careers matter.

So it was that the womanly men and the manly women met, and didn't know what to do.

We won't repeat your mistakes. We shake our heads at your imbecile theories, and want to be masculine men and feminine women. It may appear old-school and outdated to you, but we like it that way.

Women want to be conquered. The longing for the one who can win them over and make them his lies deep in them.

Instead of heroic knights, you send them 'good friends' and feeble cowards.

Men want to win a woman who is worth the effort and the trials they must endure, for whom the leap through the fire and the battle with the dragon are worth it.

Today, instead of the beautiful princess, only a scowling feminist or jutting manjaw awaits the hero at the end.

We've recognised the true nature of the sexes, and we want to live in harmony with it. We want to be real men and real women.

For we are generation identity.

Markus Willinger, Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers (2013)

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Anonymous said...

Manly men are thin on the ground these days.